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Say goodbye to useless load boards

Brokers - match, notify, book... automatically

Carriers - don't search for freight... it finds YOU

FreightForge is easy to use for both transportation buyers and sellers

How does FreightForge Work?



Broker creates a request to haul and either electronically loads this information into FreightForge or manually enters using the online tool



FreightForge identifies and selects carriers based on their ability to fulfill an order and communicates this request to each carrier



Carriers can choose to respond by submitting a rate for the load



Broker selects and assigns job to chosen carrier



Carrier fulfills transportation order and issues invoice to the Broker using existing processes

FreightForge is cost-effective for both Brokers and Carriers


Brokers do not pay a free to put loads on to Freightforge


Carriers pay a low monthly fee to access loads in FreightForge

FreightForge saves transportations buyers time and money

Contacting carriers individually is expensive and inefficent

Most Brokers only contact a very small percentage of their carrier base when filling loads.   Calling and emailing carriers is labor-intensive and requires many staff to reach more than a handful of carriers. These inefficient processes hide visibility to true market rates.

Brokerage expansion is limited due to competition, time and communication 

FreightForge U.S.

Brokers have to call carriers directly or send individual emails. Calling carriers directly means, brokers have to employ staff, which costs money and takes a lot of time.

Lower market rates and real-time benchmarking at no cost

FreightForge U.S.

Take advantage of the same network third parties use without adding cost, people or time.

FreightForge Benefits

FreightForge automates this task by increasing a Broker's reach, which results in better rates for all parties.

FreightForge allows Brokers to move more loads without having to hire additional staff.​

FreightForge provides Brokers with immediate access to market rates by lane, to benchmark against your current contracts.

FreightForge is easy to use for both Brokers and Carriers

Brokers and  Carriers have  full control and visibility into all all loads

Users have access to a dashboard, which provides real-time updates into the status of existing loads

Both shippers and carriers have access to common information and can communicate directly with each other​

Facilitating relationships is only a small part of what we do

Think of us as your outsourced business development!

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